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Practice Counseling

Sometimes it can be tough to know where you stand billing wise if billing isn’t your area of expertise. Perhaps you know there’s a problem but you’re just not sure what aspect of your billing is causing the issue. As the physician and owner of your business, just realizing there may be a problem isn’t enough. Most practices we speak with rely on an in-house point person or administrator to oversee/manage the billing or A/R whether the billing is in-house or already outsourced. The problem with that system is that very often it is against the best interests of that in-house point person to highlight ongoing issues if they themselves are a part of the problem. By hiring Focused Medical Billing as an agent to counsel you we are able to review current billing practices and identify areas of concern. By bringing those issues to your attention and identifying where they might be originating from you can choose the best course of action for your practice and stop any potential loss of revenue moving forward. Contact us today to arrange a confidential, no obligation consultation about our Practice Counseling Services.