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Practice Management

Maybe your practice has an established “in-house” billing department already. Unfortunately for many practices those in house billers aren’t expert coders and have Ophthalmology billing experience that might be limited to the work they’ve done with your practice. Does your current staff know which modifiers need to be used for every code? Do they know when a code should or shouldn’t be bundled? Are they regularly attending trade seminars and industry events to ensure they are up to date on coding guidelines? How can you be sure that in-house staff is maximizing your reimbursement potential or capturing every dollar possible? If the answer to any of these questions is “no” or “I’m not sure” than you should consider FMB’s Management Services for your practice. Even if you have no immediate plans to outsource your billing, Focused Medical Billing can play a key role on your team by regularly auditing your current billing practices to make sure everything possible is being done to collect your hard earned money. Most of our clients enjoy over a 95% monthly collection percentage of newly (within 90 days) billed claims and we can put that expertise to use to ensure your billers are getting as close to that 95% as possible. We can also help by offering monthly training seminars for billing/front desk staff to ensure they are up to date on the latest insurance company processes and protocols that effect your bottom line. Contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation consultation regarding our Practice Management Services.