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Onboarding with FMB

You’ve done the homework, spoken to some of our current “Raving Fan Clients”, pulled the trigger and hired the nation’s premier full-service Ophthalmology billing company. What happens next?

Step 1:

After you enter into a formal agreement with Focused Medical Billing, we’ll email you our Client Registration form. Once you complete and return that form, we’ll use the data to make your transition to our service as smooth as possible.

Step 2:

If your PM software is web-based, connecting to your practice is as simple as granting us access. If your software is not web-based, no problem, we’ll work with your IT staff to establish a secure VPN connection to your practice management system. Working remotely in your existing PM system allows for complete transparency and continuity of your existing billing processes. If you don’t have a PM software system in place or are unhappy with your current one, we can provide a no-cost option or help recommend a new one! Our billers have experience working in ADS, NextTech, EdgeMed, Medical Manager, AllScripts, NextGen, Office Ally, Office Mate, MDOffice, CareCloud, ADS, Centricity and more!

Step 3:

Our goal is to make you and your staff feel like your billing department is right down the office hallway wherever you are in the country. 100% of our billers have Ophthalmology specific billing and coding experience! Whether your specialty is Retina, Occuloplastics, Glaucoma, Cataracts or Corneal we have the experienced biller/coders to manage your specific account. Have an ASC? We’ve got the experience to get your claims paid quickly!

Step 4:

Once we’ve assigned your account to one of expert billers based on your specific specialty and needs, that biller will operate as an extension of your practice. You have a specific point of contact for any of your day to day questions or needs and that biller will have a support team assigned to work in tandem with them for your eligibility, payment posting and A/R. As we’ve said, our goal is to make your in-house team feel like we’re only down the hall. That philosophy extends to your patients as well! Although we’re based in Long Island, New York we’ll issue your billing team a unique area code and phone number based on your practices physical location anywhere in the country. That way if and when your patient’s have billing inquiries or questions about their account they’ll be dialing a local phone number!

Step 5:

That’s it! You’ve reduced overhead, hired OPHTHALMOLOGY specific billing experts, lowered your denial rate and started the ball rolling on slashing your ever-growing A/R!

It only sounds too good to be true because we haven’t started working for your practice yet!